Mantras to Recite

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Here are a few things to try when dealing with contrasting situations. Remember it's not about controlling your emotions it's about understanding the nature of them. No emotion should be looked at as "negative" but instead as a natural result of the interaction with someone or something.

1. I Think....I Can....I Am....

examples: I think I am ok, I can be ok, I am ok.

I think I can complete my work, I can complete my work, I am capable of completing my work

2. Be general in what you say when feelings of anxiousness come over you. In order to slow down your breathing and heart rate say only the simple things you see in the moment. Depending on your comfort-ability you can either speak a loud or say the statements to yourself.

examples: the carpet is tan, the shirt is blue, the road is black, the paper is white etc.

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