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Thank you for entrusting me with helping in the development and understanding of the emotional needs of our young people. This space will be used as a proactive mode of communication. If you have any suggestions, question and/or concerns feel free to                         .  Email will be responded to within 48 hours. Phone calls will be scheduled upon request.  

Life Learning Center:


Week in Session

Summer Schedule:

§ We will be exploring various SEL summer activities.

(skill focus: respect for others, self insight, deep breathing (stress management), personal responsibility, self regulation, following instructions, discipline, respectful communication, fine motor, mindful transitions, confidence, self reflection,decision making, self confidence, practicing patience, mindful problem solving, self esteem)

**NOTE: Here you  will find updates on what material is planned to be covered each session**

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❑ Parents, guardians, care givers, mentors, community members, educators and guests reporting feeling satisfied with student development.

❑ Students perceive the instructional environment as positive, supportive and caring. Artifacts demonstrate ways their relationships are nurtured (e.g., agendas from round table development sessions devoted to building student relationships and accomplishments).

❑ Students frequently attend sessions; instructor and/or parents report that they do.

❑ Instructor makes efforts to form positive relationships with students’ support system.

❑ Instructor intentionally fosters positive relationships and social norms among all students.

❑ Instructor makes efforts to develop caring and respectful relationships with all levels of people in students broader community (e.g., siblings, friends and other relatives)

❑ Instructor encourages students to examine their own behavior in light of the core values and challenge them to make their behavior

consistent with the core values (e.g., through journal writing, discussion of events in the classroom, one-on-one adult/student conversations about past or present behavior).

**The desired outcome will be to hit these benchmarks weekly.

Key Indicators of

Exemplary Implementation:

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        Goal Clarity

The Ready to Lead National  Principals  Survey states that Principals believe SEL can positively affect students’ in-school experience by improving student behavior and reducing the need for discipline referrals.

Specific: state exactly what you want to accomplish (who, what, where, why)

Measurable: how will you demonstrate and evaluate the extent to which the

goal has been met?

Attainable: stretch and challenging goals within ability to achieve outcome.

What is the action-oriented verb?

Relevant: how does the goal tie into your key responsibilities? How is it aligned to objectives?

Time-Based: set 1 or more target dates, the "by when" to guide your goal to successful and timely completion (you may include deadlines, dates and frequency)